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Our Clients

We advise our clients, which include major international e-commerce distributers, providers of customer loyalty systems and fintech companies on the legally compliant implementation of big data projects.

The Challenge

Increased interconnectedness, the proliferation of mobile devices and other new technologies such as smart homes applications, connected cars and wearables contribute to the ever-increasing accumulation of data. At the same time, databases are becoming more powerful and allow quicker and more accurate analyses of mass data than ever before. Therefore, data and information management are becoming a key factor in corporate success. Only those who recognise customer needs and market opportunities at an early stage and identify business-relevant developments quickly can be optimally positioned against the competition.

The challenge: big data is contrary to two fundamental principles of German data protections law, namely data minimisation and the purpose limitation principle. The challenge our legal advice faces, except when designing new or upgrading existing data warehouses, is bringing our client’s interests in accordance with the informational self-determination rights of the persons affected by the data being processed.

Our Mission

We identify what data should be made available for what purpose as well as which channels need to be served. How can real-time applications be implemented in a legally compliant manner? How can quality of data be ensured and what new insights can be obtained and used in a legally compliant manner? How can the customer journey be optimally displayed?

Depending on the requirements and industry of our clients, other solutions are sometimes necessary. For some clients, we assist in the development of a new data warehouse. For others, it is sufficient to expand existing IT structures and tools. We identify opportunities and accompany database migration, all the while taking into account the guidelines for international contract data processing.

The Implementation

Whether a new data warehouse needs to be developed or existing structures need modernisation, the requirements for big data applications are numerous and should be considered at an early stage. The earlier we are involved, the better. In this way, we help our client avoid legal risks as well as costly and time-consuming changes. In addition to the data protection law, we also address copyright, database rights and competition law.

Together with our clients, we develop legally compliant big data applications. We provide expert opinions and develop practical proposals for the design of new data warehouses and the modernisation of existing structures. We develop trust center solutions and forward thinking, actionable approaches for the anonymization and pseudonymisation of data as well as for obtaining consent.

Big data requires intense, ongoing cooperation between lawyers, marketers, data scientists and other divisions. We train your employees to ensure a uniform level of knowledge and to improve the flow of information. In doing so, the effective communication is guaranteed.

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