Development of a code of conduct for providers of location-based technologies and services

Our Client

The Location Based Marketing Association (LMBA) is an international interest group focused on the promotion of research, education and innovation at the interface between people, places and media. The aim of the association is the dissemination and promotion of new location-based services through over 1,100 member companies worldwide.

Our Mission

Customer data is a valuable resource in the digital age. By now, most companies want to send clear signals to their customers as to how their data is used. The Location Based Marketing Association entrusted us with the development of a code of conduct for the German-speaking DACH region in Europe. This places member companies in the position to highlight their privacy efforts in relation to customers. In doing so, customer’s gain confidence in how their personal data is handled.

Our Implementation

Together with the Location Based Marketing Association in the German-speaking DACH region of Europe, we developed the “Code of Conduct: Location and Privacy” – the world’s first industry and technology spanning commitment for companies. The code of conduct is based on German and European data protection rules with regard to the collection and use of customer-related data. The code, however, goes beyond the legal regulations. Companies that are committed to the code of conduct pledge themselves to maximum transparency for customers and users. Moreover, the code of conduct establishes clear rules regarding due diligence obligations and of technical data protection. The member companies can use the code of conduct in order to communicate their privacy efforts to their customers.

The code of conduct is available on the website of the LMBA ( to download. Interested companies may join for a nominal fee.

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