Open source software is an indispensable part of daily business. Almost all software projects today use components of open source code. It is not always clear to companies which open source components are used, under which licenses and what the legal consequences of their use are. Due to the “infection” of software by open source components commercial use is much more difficult if not completely impeded. Due dilligences in the context of company takeovers raise similar questions.

Our software-based open source compliance check reliably identifies which open source components are used in your software and which legal risk are connected to the open source components. First of all the source code or binary code will be analyzed. In a next stept the result will be assessed from a legal point of view in order to guarantee compliance in your company and avoid business risks. We will check for legal risks such as lack of license texts or the presence of undesirable licenses. Not least the process will create transparency about the open source components used.

In addition, we will inform you if there is a derivative of an open source software, how to handle modifications in regard to copyright, what license your company needs or if and how a dispostion of open source software is possible. Contact us also about current questions such as the usage of open source components in apps while respecting the guidelines of the app stores.


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