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Trade and Distribution Law

Global trade and the distribution of products and services are important pillars of our legal expertise. In addition to the business decisions involved in trade and distribution, there are also numerous legal decisions to be made. You want to create trade and sales activities? We will provide you with expert advice on the development of new marketing strategies for legally compliant cross-border trade creation. We can also guide you in expanding international sales structures or planned franchise activities.

If you are a start-up company, we will answer all legal questions concerning your business model and help you to develop the legally right sales strategies in the markets for your specific product. We will draft and negotiate contracts tailor made for your trade activities or your distribution strategies.

We also provide advice to you as an e-commerce companies or other online retailer with regard to all necessary legal documents. If you receive a cease-desist letter or are being sued our lawyers will handle all litigation matters for you through our German civil court system. Our lawyers also represent you to enforce competitors to stop illegal practices and pursue compensation on your behalf.

If you are planning the acquisition of an investment, we can support you by carrying out the due diligence, which will act as a necessary risk assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses or the value of each object in question. Per request, we can carry out IP and IT due diligence for your company.

Do you want to start a business? Are you looking for the right type of company? In this regard, we also advise you on corporate law matters to examine the specifics of your particular industry. We will help you in the start-up process and counsel you on any questions you may have regarding your business model and support you legally in the creation of your business.

Do you have any questions about our services? Our lawyers will be pleased to help you.



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