Data law

Digitalisation is the new normal and has been having an impact on all industries and sectors for a long time now. The potential of modern technology in the public sphere, healthcare, education and research cannot be ignored either. Data from a wide variety of sources is essential as the raw material for digital processes. Data can generate benefits and added value. Integrating and using data in a legally compliant manner is therefore a key challenge for the long-term success of digital transformations.

With our data legal consulting, we focus on data as a cross-industry and cross-sector value creation factor. The possibilities for making its added value tangible for various stakeholders and target groups are as diverse as our clients and their visions themselves. Therefore, we see our contribution primarily in supporting you with customized solutions in the legal handling of data.

Our offer

We are at your disposal for the following questions and topics:

Data within your organisation

A key area of our data law expertise is advising on the legally compliant procurement, integration and use of data in all forms of businesses. We look at data flows and data of all types, identify the scope for using data in a legally compliant way, and help you put this into practice.

Monetisation of data

For many stakeholders, the financial added value of data opens the door to innovative business models. For commercial data use to be sustainable and successful, it is important to respect legal boundaries and define permissions. If your goal is to create value from data, we can help you do so in a legally compliant manner.

Data governance

How can you avoid a data swamp? What legal issues need to be considered when designing access and permission policies? Who is responsible and when? The commercial use of integrated data in particular depends to a large extent on ensuring a uniform standard of quality. To make sure a company’s own data is of the desired quality, appropriate roles and quality criteria must be defined. Our data law experts can guide you on your journey to compliant data governance.

Data and marketing

The key to competitive marketing lies in the analysis of specific data. The insights that this provides can be used specifically to evaluate your own target groups. This makes it possible to identify existing or future needs and to explore new areas of potential. We can help you implement appropriate data use policies and ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

Data licensing

It is not only when using open data that the terms of data licences need to be respected. Today, data is a commodity whose market value is determined by the value it can generate and the associated costs. Crucially, the contractual basis will determine the extent to which data can – or cannot – be used. We can help you select and design the right data licences.

Comprehensive advice

Where is the hidden potential? What data sources are available and how can they be used legally? Identifying and exploiting potential data sources is an opportunity for any organisation. To capitalise on this, we take a comprehensive approach to helping you understand the value of the data you already have in a new way. You tell us your vision – and we will show you your options and make sure you take a legally sound route.

Do you have questions about data law? Our experienced lawyers will be happy to help you.

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