Data Protection Law

Experts agree: stakeholder data is the “oil” of the digital age for national and international companies, and by virtue of that, an indispensable corporate asset. Due to this, data protection or privacy is already now a central component of corporate strategies.

Our expertise is your market advantage: National and international compliance projects are the core of our business. Our privacy experts work together in close cooperation with our client in an innovative, solution-oriented manner. For us, standard solutions don’t exist. This is because data protection requirements are subject to constant change, risks and continuously evolving legislation. If your company needs additional support, we will provide you with an external data protection officer from our office to represent your company in all privacy matters.

We counsel on all aspects of big data and create individual concepts for the development and utilisation of your data for marketing purposes. We ensure that your loyalty programs, customer data analytics and cross-channel marketing campaigns or other digital business models are implemented in a manner that wholly conforms to current data protection and competition law. Additionally, our global approach is possible due to our broad legal expertise which covers cross-border supply chains and flow of goods from international companies. Our legal proficiency has no borders.

Per request, we will review prior data protection impact assessments and advise you on the requirements of the relevant authorities, with whom we closely cooperate. We will keep you informed regarding the latest data protection laws and work with you to create a set of binding corporate rules regarding data protection. We are there for you when it comes to completing data processing processes in your company, or to creating contracts and operating agreements to better protect data against misuse. In addition, our experts closely examine all elements within your businesses’ framework by audits and risk analysis to guarantee your questions in data protection and IT-security law are answered. We create company-wide data protection concepts as well as advise you in terms of necessary certifications and the implementation of privacy compliance systems.

Do you have any questions about our services? Our lawyers will be pleased to help you.



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