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Intellectual Property

In the modern digital world, more and more companies are finding that their ideas, expertise and creative potential are among their most crucial assets. Especially in this time of mounting competitive pressure and increasing digitalization, innovations and creative concepts alike are of particular strategic importance – and, more than ever, a commodity that needs protecting.

For years, we have been partners to national and international companies in a wide range of industries, helping them protect and effectively defend their intellectual property. As one of the leading intellectual property law firms for digital business, we maintain close ties with our clients. This solid foundation allows our lawyers to develop the best strategies for protecting your intellectual property and to implement them with you step by step.

We conduct intellectual property searches and can apply on your behalf for trade marks (DPMA and Union trade marks), utility models, designs as well as patents for technical inventions. Computer-implemented inventions in the Internet of Things (IoT) field are just as much a part of this as algorithms for artificial intelligence. Our team’s experienced specialists draw up licensing agreements for our clients, giving them legal peace of mind when they use things like source code, AI algorithms or 3D printing blueprints. Another core issue is the protection of trade secrets: from start-ups to major corporations, almost every company has trade secrets that need protecting, such as strategies, algorithms, prototypes or customer lists. Our legal experts develop suitable concepts for protecting secrets and assist our clients in implementing the necessary changes. We also specialise in writing expert opinions and legal warnings, in defending our clients against legal warnings they receive, and in settlements and demarcation agreements in disputes.

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